About Us

​We are a veteran owned and operated family business teaching the effective, legal and ethical use of firearms and self-defense tactics. When we say “family” we are including all individuals who teach and work with us, as well as our students. From the moment you arrive at the Tactical Playground* we do our utmost to make you feel like a welcomed and valued member of the Silent Dawn Tactical family.

Firearms Training Curriculum

Our firearms training curriculum includes  pistol and carbine in addition to hand-to-hand self-defense combat.  Each course provides a very specific skill set and covers subject matter upon which the next course will be dependent (i.e. Pistol I is the prerequisite for Pistol II just as Carbine I is the prerequisite for Carbine II ). Each individual course page will list any prerequisites necessary for attendance. Exceptions to the prerequisites may be made on a case-by-case basis. For questions about prerequisites please email us at silentdawntts@gmail.com or call us at 630-415-5287. We understand that our information may feel incomplete.


Silent Dawn Tactical ​offers Illinois Concealed Carry 16-hour Firearms training.

No matter how basic or advanced the course you attend, from Pistol I to our Carbine III, you can be assured that you will leave our range feeling positive about your experience, confident in the new skills you have acquired, and you will want to come back for more!

Outdoor training / adventure and respite opportunities exist for families, youth organizations, and caregivers. 

Please call us at (630) 415-5287 if you have any questions.